Design Process - Baseball Analogy

Bleacher Report - App Redesign
Bleacher Report - App Redesign

B/R App 2.0 - A new foundation and UX overhaul
Freeing Articles of Unnecessary Clutter
Freeing Articles of Unnecessary Clutter

Rethinking the architecture of web and mobile articles
Reducing Churn With Behavioral Triggers
Reducing Churn With Behavioral Triggers

Using behavioral data on users to provide customized coaching and offers to dissuade people from un-subscribing
Intel - Gestural Mixing
Intel - Gestural Mixing

Using hand gesture controls to turn a DJ set into a music mixing performance
Lively - Mobile Video Driven Online Dating
Lively - Mobile Video Driven Online Dating

A new dating app allowing Millenials to get to know each other quicker
App Redesign - From Hamburger to Bottom Nav
App Redesign - From Hamburger to Bottom Nav

Changing nav structure to surface important features and promote usability
CHI 2013 Design Competition Finalist
CHI 2013 Design Competition Finalist

Helping former student-athletes maintain camaraderie with teammates through wearable technology
Form Assembly - Online Forms Aren't Always Boring!
Form Assembly - Online Forms Aren't Always Boring!

Gathering customer feedback to design an improved interface that makes response data easier to access

M.S. Human-Computer Interaction Design | May 2014
Design Methods
Indiana University | Bloomington, IN
Affinity Diagramming
B.S. in Business Administration – Information Systems | June 2008
The Ohio State University | Columbus, OH
     • Division 1 Varsity Baseball Player 2003-2008
     • Ohio State Scholar Athlete 2004-2008 and Academic All-Big Ten 2005-2008
Task Flow Diagramming
Usability Evaluation
Relevant Work Experience
Sr. UX Designer | May 2016 – Present
Research Methods
Bleacher Report | San Francisco, CA
Contextual Inquiry
     • Redesigned B/R’s app UX, resulting in a 10% boost in monthly active users & 7% growth in installs
Diary Study
     • Led Product Team sprints, creating alignment early with stakeholders, developers, and designers
     • Built user research infrastructure, filling a qualitative data void in our product development process
Experience Prototyping
     • Helped hire, onboard, and mentor three designers onto our BRX team
In-person Testing
RITE Testing
Interaction Designer | June 2014 – April 2016
Zoosk | San Francisco, CA
     • Mentored junior designers on design research, interaction design, and motion design
     • Designed and evaluated an exposed navigation on iOS that led to a 3% subscription increase
Adobe Creative Suite
     • Created a new cancellation flow that utilized user behavior, reducing churn by 6% per month
Axure RP Pro
UX Intern | June 2013 – August 2013
Form Assembly | Bloomington, IN
     • Communicated with customers to gather feedback on website improvements
     • Created wireframes to communicate interactions for a new Form Responses interface
Google Analytics
     • Developed a usability testing plan to gather feedback on new interface design
Web Project Manager | June 2011 – July 2012
Lutron Electronics | Coopersburg, PA
     • Led the design and development teams in releasing nine different lighting products on web
     • Directed team initiatives through research, customer feedback, and analytics
     • Executed HTML and CSS code changes to meet product release deadlines
Entrepreneurial Experience
Usability Hub
Great White DJ Blog
Owner, Writer, Designer, Developer | August 2009 – Present
     • Achieved over 1.2 million hits by researching, writing, and publishing daily music reviews
     • Developed relationships within the music industry via social networking

2013 CHI Conference | Paris, FR
Co-author with Dennis Ellis, Vamsi Pasupuleti, Adam Williams, and Yalu Ye. 2013. Strive:
student-athletes transitioning with camaraderie and competition. In CHI ‘13 Extended
Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI EA ‘13). ACM, New York, NY,
USA, 2585-2590.

2008 – graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in Information Systems from the Fisher College of Business.

2008-2012 – worked for four years as an IT problem solver, UI developer, and web project manager.

2013 – dove into the world of startups as a UX Intern for a small, bootstrapped SaaS company, Form Assembly.

2014 – jumped into the world of online dating as an Interaction Designer for Zoosk.

2016 – joined Bleacher Report as a Senior UX Designer. Recently I’ve helped plan and execute an overhaul of both mobile (iOS and Android) and tablet apps, as well as a company wide rebrand and article redesign.
Career Path

Deign Tentpoles

Friction Isn’t Always a Bad Thing

Never lose sight of the human aspect of human centered design. Sometimes adding an extra step or intentionally making a step in a flow difficult can result in a better UX. If we remove all friction from products we design, in the long run we’ll lose skills that make us human. Steve Selzer’s (Airbnb) presentation on Designing for Friction codified this notion into one synthesized philosophy that guides a lot of design decision I now make on a daily basis. There’s a human element to experience design that can’t be forgotten as technology forges ahead with automation and services that eroding core human skills.

Obvious Wins

If you’re hiding an important information behind a tap or not giving it enough relevance within the hierarchy of a page, you’re not setting the product up for success.

Selling Designs ≥ Executing on Designs

In the vein of Mike Montiero’s “Snippet from Mike Montiero’s keynote at Interactions 2015”, it’s the product designer’s job to craft scenarios that help the audience (co-workers, stakeholders, etc) understand and empathize with the people who would benefit from the change you’re proposing. Selling may sound like a nebulous term in the context of design, but selling requires energy, anticipation of critique, and storytelling.

Rigorous Honesty is Key to Design Team Success

Difficult conversations come from transparency and as long as everyone is willing to check their ego at the door, good things result from people being comfortable speaking their mind and being receptive to feedback.

  • the_designer
    Sketching with teammates
  • the_designer
    Brainstorming design directions
  • the_designer
    Presenting concepts ideas to teammates
  • the_designer
    Using the whiteboard to iterate on concepts
  • the_designer
    Interviewing over Google Hangout
  • the_designer
    Participating in a card sorting exercise
  • the_designer
    Using the Elito Method to synthesize research data
  • the_designer
    Using an Arduino kit to create a prototype
  • the_designer
    Conducting a usability test with an Axure prototype

Research on Wearables

The Psychological, Public Health Impact of Activity Trackers

Outside of work, my passion is motivating people to move more through the use of wearable technology. I’m a huge fan of products that are designed to motivate (i.e. Fitbits), rather than robbing us of opportunities to be active (i.e. Segways – don’t steal my steps!). For my semester long graduate Capstone thesis I spent three months investigating the emerging trend that people use activity trackers for up to three months before abandoning the devices. Below is a micro site I developed summarizing a 72 hour experience prototyping event I designed, organized, and executed at the end of the project. My goal for the project was to motivate a group of twelve women to walk 100 specified routes, amounting to 190,000 steps as a group in four days. Together they accomplished the goal in just over 70 hours, far surpassing their daily averages and having a lot of fun along the way

Puzzle Challenge Summary

Below are groupings of animations and microinteractions that I created using Adobe After Effects.

  • What is instructional motion?

    Using motion to draw a person’s attention to a specific part of the screen. Many times this mean teaching them that “the action you just took caused something to go here.”

    Showing the double heart next to mutual to communicate where matches are found

    Showing where to locate added teams post-onboarding

    Drawing the eye to where saved articles are stored

    Using motion as a loading state to articulate one message being sent to multiple people

  • Branding Motion

    In a lot of ways, motion can be used to set the tone for the experience of your app. Whether it’s showing a sizzle video on the log in screen of your app, using your logo mark as a loading state, or recording interactions in the app to promote it in the app store, video is a powerful medium for representing a brand prior to using the app.

    Sizzle video on splash screen as a first impression

    Logo mark (heart) transitioning from static loading screen to dynamic spinner.

    Google Play store video promoting the release of our new Android app

  • What does delight mean to me?

    Delight can mean a lot of things. In some cases it’s that “Oooooh” sound followed by smile on a person’s face when they see something pop onto the screen. In other cases, it’s a hidden element that is so unexpected and entertaining that you share it with a friend. Generally it’s usually an interaction that you didn’t expect, but adds value to experience of using something.

    iOS pull-to-refresh animation for Zoosk’s inbox

  • Loading states/spinners

    Isn’t it a drag when you’re on a bad internet connection and you’re not even sure if the page or app is loading? There’s something to distracting a person with a shiny object so that they don’t feel like they’re waiting. I’d liken it to handing a child a toy when it’s bored. Nobody likes sitting there watching paint dry and loading states are there to prevent people from feeling like they’re waiting.

    Static splash screen to content loading in app

    Loading circle around the tapped like button to give feedback on a successful action

    Bouncing envelope on top of progress bar as a playful loading state

    Tracing a grey heart as a loading state between experiences

Turning a Passion for Music Into a Website

Nicknamed “The Great White DJ” at the age of nine, part of my daily routine has always included finding and writing about new, uplifting, energetic music to share with others. What began as a “Song of the Day” email to friends in High School turned into a paid monthly subscription Song List in college. In July 2009, I decided to expand the reach of the Song List by learning HTML and starting a music blog. A month later the Great White DJ Blog went live and since then I have published over 1200 posts in 1300 days.

If you’re interested in learning more about what type of music I review, below is a curated list of songs I’ve posted about over the past two years.

GWDJ Favorites Spotify Playlist

  • DJ-Blogger
  • DJ-Blogger
  • DJ-Blogger
  • DJ-Blogger
  • DJ-Blogger
  • DJ-Blogger

Social media mentions from music reviews I’ve written over the years

Live, Sleep, Breathe Baseball

Growing up all I wanted to do was play baseball. I played over 100 games a year for over a decade, which afforded me valuable experience working in teams. I was fortunate enough to earn a partial academic and athletic
scholarship to play baseball at The Ohio State University.

Ohio State Baseball Highlights

• Four time Academic All-Big Ten and Ohio State Scholar Athlete
• Competed in 150 games over five years, starting 110
• Played on two Big Ten Tournament Championship teams
• Earned All-tournament team honors in 2007

“You miss 100% of the pitches that you don’t swing at…”
  • The Athlete
  • The Athlete
  • The Athlete
  • The Athlete

                                             Photos by: Jim Davidson

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